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OMG, my love for Neil Gaiman just went up another notch... he, too, disliked Tom Bombadil in Lord of the Rings... I've always felt like such an outsider when it came to LotR because I was ecstatic that TB was left out of the movies!

The [Four Score and Seven]th Sense
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So, last night B had gotten us tickets to see The Heavens are Hung with Black at Ford's Theatre. This was a world premier piece commissioned for the reopening of the theatre and Lincoln's Bicentennial. It chronicles the months between the death of his son William and his writing of the Emancipation Proclamation. It was certainly different than I was expecting. This is no Shakespeare history play by any means (though the Henry's are mentioned at one point). It was very bizarre both textually and in presentation at times. Overall, it was an enjoyable evening of theatre in a historically apropos setting, but I can't see this ever being produced elsewhere with any regularity. David Selby is an excellent Lincoln playing him with an almost Mark Twain-like wit. The actors playing John Hay, Secretary of State Seward, and the ghost of Stephen Douglas were also quite good. Among the other ghosts making an appearance, because apparently Lincoln "sees dead people": John Brown, Dred Scott, Willie Lincoln, Uncle Tom, and a dream-time visit with Jefferson Davis.

Some of these spectral visits work well (as in the scene with John Brown, Stephen Douglas, and Dred Scott all verbally sparring with Lincoln) some of these not so well (The whole scene with Uncle Tom was a bit confusing). Also, given the tiny nature of the Ford's Theatre's stage, I think some of the staging choices were a bit bad. For instance, for the opening of the second act, the "Oval Office" set's walls fly out showing a river of light (the Potomac that McClelland was taking his sweet time crossing to attack Richmond) separating the sleeping forms of Abe and Jeff Davis, as the scene transitions back to the Oval Office, the rear wall comes only about halfway back down. My immediate thought was that the set malfunctioned. It remained that way for a goodly sum of time and only was explained when Dred Scott entered from upstage center. It just seemed weird and unnecessary to have this wall half flown in for a good 20 minutes just to facilitate this one entrance.

Another thing that didn't quite make sense was the use of Walt Whitman as a Greek chorus/narrator/commentator. For those that know Ragtime, think of the way that Emma, Henry Ford, Harry Houdini, et al. were used, but way less effective.

Long and the short of it, if you've got a yen for Lincolnalia, or want to see a show at the historic theatre, go see it. If you're looking for good theatre, take a pass.

Oh, right, meant to post and say...
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...as an FYI and a minor request, having been bitten one too many times by the Fox Network Execs, I'm holding off on watching Dollhouse's episode 1 until such time as I know that it will be around for a bit. I did my duty by buying the episode on iTunes (voting with my dollars), but until it makes it past like episode 3, I'm asking that people be kind on my flist and cut any major spoilers ;-)

"Really? Sixteen No's? Really?"
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No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! is all I have to say!

'...as first lady of the American stage Helen Hayes once said..."I'm going to KILL you!"'
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So, the Helen Hayes Awards (DC Theatre's Tonys) nominations have been announced. I was happy to see some people on the list, not so happy about others. Though it was nice to see that I wasn't the only one who didn't care for Javert in Signature's Les Miserables as he was the only major male role who DIDN'T get a nom (Valjean got an undeserved, I feel, nod in the lead category, while Thenardier, Enjolras, and my boy Marius got supporting nods). I agree with Will Chase getting a nod for Kiss of the Spiderwoman, disagree with Hunter Foster's same nod. Also, not sure that Ace deserved a nod as Best Resident Musical, then again most of my issues were with the lyrics. Signature Theatre is bound to walk away with at least one win since all the noms for Outstanding Supporting Actress, Resident Musical are from Signature shows. And wouldn't it suck for Eric Schaeffer to lose the directing award because he split his own vote three ways.

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Random aside
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Listening to the Equus kick-line number from this past year's Gypsy of the Year makes me glad that Harry Potter is not a musical. Daniel, you're pretty, but don't sing dear ;-)

LOL @ Amazon
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This story on DCist:
The Washington Post's Paul Schwartzman reports from the Old Georgetown Board meeting today, and says that the board has indeed rejected Apple's storefront design for a fourth time. While insisting they are eager for the store to open on Wisconsin Ave., the board expressed frustration with Apple for again submitting a design that included a wide, all-glass entryway. Deputy mayor for planning and economic development Neil Albert didn't mince words: "We're extremely disappointed with today's decision." For it's part, Apple says it is still committed to making the Georgetown location work and will once again go back to the drawing board.

drew this comment which is utterly pricelss:
For its part, Apple says it is still committed to making the Georgetown location work and will once again go back to the drawing board.

Christ, Apple, you dweebs! Let me make this clear to you: the Old Georgetown Board is committed to not having Apple in this location. If you travel back in time to 1800 and get Pierre L'Enfant to design your building for you, they will still not approve it. If during your time travel, you get George Washington to change his farewell address to include the passage "I dream of a day, as all Americans so dream, when in Georgetowne shall open a store that sells marvelous inventions of a most clever nature, by which one may communicate at a distance without aid of post or signal-flag, whilst moving freely about one's business unencumbered, and by means of which one can both fix one's longitude and latitude within an accuracy of several feet and watch moving images of one Miss Feist, a comely young lady singer from Nova Scotia," they'll argue that she moved to Alberta before she hit it big.

Stop acting like a battered spouse and move on. Go to Penn Quarter or Dupont Circle or Chinatown; they'd be glad to have you, they're just as hoity as Georgetown while being much less toity, and unlike Georgetown your District-based customers will easily be able to get there. (Seriously -- if you open a store in Georgetown, I for one will be looking forward to still having to schlep out to Pentagon City or Clarendon to get my iPhone fix.)

One out of two ain't bad...
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Returned home safely from Miami and have now filed my taxes (getting back about $700 total from state and Fed).

I'm off to the sunny(?) shores of Miami...
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Have a good weekend y'all. I'm off to DCA to catch a flight to Miami. Talk to y'all when I get back!


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