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For your morning amusement...
Movies: WTWM: Boys: Fairy King
Via The New Gay (they're useful for some things):
Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, the brains behind Ab Fab, will always crack me up. Their sketch comedy is just as funny as Ab Fab in its prime and this one is my favorite (opera nerd alert!). My roomie Josh and I just about died the first time we saw it at JRs on showtunes night and, thankfully, he found it online a short time later.

French and Saunders deliver perfect operatic send-ups, but what makes this music spoof so great is the details. First off, “I Should Be So Lucky” is a Kylie Minogue song from 1987 (this to the Brits is our “Like a Virgin”). Second off, that third singer, the one that can actually sing, is famous British opera singer Sarah Walker.

Via email from B:

Also, I'm quite glad that darthfox drives to work and therefore does not likely read the Washington Post Express which today featured a sidebar with questions from the Going Out Gurus' chat one of which stated that "dinner alludes us." I like to have friends with heads in a non-exploded state ;-)

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I drive sometimes and take the train other times, but I never read the Express ... and that there is part of the reason why. God. "Hi," they seem to be saying, "I'm a professional writer."

I should clarify... the questioner included that, not the "professionals"... and it would have been fine on the website's chat system... but the editor should have fixed it in reprinting (or at least added [sic]).

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