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Movies: WTWM: Boys: Fairy King
My addition to the Amazon Rank hullabaloo.

To Whom It May Concern:

I will be suspending all of my purchasing that I normally do on until three things occur:

1.) Amazon Sales Rank information is returned to all content.
2.) Amazon releases a statement regarding what happened that does not insult the intelligence of its customers. If you seriously believe we're buying the "glitch" that just happens to target gay-themed items, you are sadly mistaken.
3.) Amazon releases a policy document regarding its view on censorship either overt or economic and specifically outlines its criteria for any exclusion from search results and/or sales rankings. was once the leader in internet shopping, but other outlets have been catching up in both convenience and pricing. Please do not delude yourselves that in these tough economic times convenience and pricing will trump principles.

Jack Esteve
Gay man, former(?) customer


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