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Movies: WTWM: Boys: Fairy King
Stayed home from work today 'cause I was feeling like crap. I just saw that Heroes has definitely been picked up by NBC for renewal while Chuck still remains in limbo, and I'm sorry but that's bullshit. I swear NBC is like a battered wife or something when it comes to Heroes. It consistently lets them down but they stick with it. Anyway, I was watching the season finale of Chuck and realizing that while Morgan Fairchild is excellent as Awesome's mom, I'm realy wishing they'd cast Kate Jackson in her role so that Awesome's parents would have been Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

In other news, I am so over this rainy crappy weather, for serious. Also, I saw Wolverine over the weekend with fafou and M. Overall, not bad. Plenty of sexy Hugh Jackman to watch. Not enough sexy Ryan Reynolds. Some issues:
1.) Was underwhelmed with the adamantium infusion scenes. If you're going to go through that trouble, perhaps you should show a bit more (like for instance how injecting adamantium into bones manages to turn select ones of them into razor sharp knives).
2.) Emma Frost looked like she'd lost a fight with a beadazzler.
3.) I realize that light is supposed to be a particle and a wave, but seriously how exactly are six intersecting adamantium claws supposed to diffuse that much concentrated light.


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