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Legen... wait for it... dary...
Dr. Horrible: Neil
In honor of Neil Patrick Harris being selected to host the Tony Awards, an internet video retrospective:

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He did grow up purty, didn't he?

Hmm weird, could have sworn I hit reply to your comment, let me try again, sorry if this is a duplicate:

Indeed he did. I remember thinking as such when he was in the revival of Assassins before he really returned to pop culture. Of course, then he changed from the Balladeer into Lee Harvey Oswald with a video projection of the JFK assassination being broadcast onto his white t-shirt and the lustful thoughts became just a little bit creepy ;-)

Didn't he play Mark in Rent in one of the Broadway casts?

He was a replacement Emcee in Cabaret on Broadway. He played Mark in L.A.

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